The ex-girlfriend of Tiger Woods wants a judge to remove her from a nondisclosure agreement she claims she was forced to sign when her relationship started with Woods a few years ago.

Per ESPN's Mark Schlabach, Erica Herman said the NDA is “invalid and unenforceable,” according to a civil complaint filed Monday in the Circuit Court of the 19th Judicial Circuit in Martin County, Florida.

Herman's attorney, Benjamin Hodas, sites the Speak Out Act, a federal law that prevents the enforcement of nondisclosure agreements in instances of sexual assault and harassment. Tiger Woods is not specifically named in the allegations.

The former couple had a messy split that includes a landlord complaint Herman filed against Woods in October, per Marjorie Hernandez and Emily Crane of the New York Post. In the complaint, Herman alleges Woods kicked her out of his home in Jupiter using “trickery” and then refused to let her back in.

Herman also accused the 15-time major winner of tricking her into leaving under the guise of going on a “short vacation” — only to lock her out amid the split.

On top of that, the landlord complaint says there was an “oral agreement” that said she could stay in the mansion for 11 years. When the couple split up, Herman had been in Woods' home for six.

Not to be one to judge, but this is beyond messy. In fact, this is downright ugly. Of course, we all know this isn't the first time Woods has been in the news for relationship issues, and apparently, things aren't getting better on that front.

Let's hope Woods and Herman can work through their issues in a cordial manner. If they do, it looks like it could be a bumpy ride getting there.