DeAndre Hopkins' free agency process took some time, but after an extended wait, he ended up signing with the Tennessee Titans. Hopkins' only other real suitor appeared to be the New England Patriots, which was somewhat confusing given he still is one of the top wide receivers in the NFL. According to Hopkins, there were quite a few teams that ghosted him during his free agency process.

Despite playing in only nine games last season, DeAndre Hopkins put together a strong statline (64 REC, 717 YDS, 3 TD) with the Arizona Cardinals, who were also without their starting quarterback in Kyler Murray for half of these games too. Many fans were confused by the lack of interest in Hopkins, including Hopkins himself, who revealed a handful of teams that ended up passing on him at some point along the way during his free agency.

Detroit Lions, they didn’t want me. Dallas Cowboys didn’t want me. Giants didn’t want me. S***. Who else ain’t want me? San Fran ain’t want me.” – DeAndre Hopkins, GQ Sports

A lot of teams were initially looking at Hopkins before backing off it seems, and there are some notable squads here. The San Francisco 49ers recently made it to the NFC Championship Game last season, and the Dallas Cowboys are one of the top contenders in the NFC East. The New York Giants and Detroit Lions both could use more playmakers on offense, which only adds to their confusing decision to pass on Hopkins.

At the end of the day, Hopkins landed with a Titans team that desperately needed him, and it's safe to say that he could be in for a big bounce back season if he can stay healthy. However, it's safe to say he may have some revenge games circled on his calendar throughout the 2023 season.