Free agent wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is slated to visit the Tennessee Titans on Sunday after his release from the Arizona Cardinals. It will be the first team that Hopkins visits with, and he will be meeting a familiar face in Mike Vrabel from their tenures with the Houston Texans, reports NFL Network's Tom Pelissero.

Rumors have been swirling around the future team for DeAndre Hopkins ever since his release from the Cardinals. The five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver is sure to have a pretty decent market, despite him being 31-years-old; getting up into his thirties does not disregard from the fact that he has been one of the better wide receivers in the NFL over the past decade.

Hopkins had his best seasons while with the Texans, although still found success with the Cardinals. He certainly expected more team success when he was dealt to Arizona, although with the Cardinals now staring at a rebuild, it comes as no surprise that his release ultimately occurred.

Even with the talent that Hopkins possesses, it will be interesting to see how his free agency courting plays out. He will be demanding a pretty hefty amount of money given the success that he has had in the NFL. Consequently, many teams might be hesitant to give him what he wants given his age.

Whether or not Hopkins gets the money he wants, he will most likely be looking to join a contender. The Titans don't look like a Super Bowl favorite by any means right now, but adding DeAndre Hopkins could give them a better shot.