Mike Vrabel might not be the only huge departure for the Tennessee Titans. Derrick Henry's four-year contract had just expired when they pummelled the Jacksonville Jaguars. While the Ran Carthon knows that their elite rusher could still come back, there will be other teams that are in a good position to make him an NFL Free Agency offer. Nonetheless, their star had started to bid farewell to everyone who contributed to his success with the organization. He even gave thanks to the very top all the way to the team's unsung heroes, via the NFL.

“I definitely want to thank our equipment staff… who contribute that nobody sees, make sure that I have everything that I have and I'm ready to go on game days. Even our security… making sure I'm set with anything that I need… the kitchen staff… just making sure that I have everything that I need and all our teammates. I'm very specific on what I eat every morning,” Derrick Henry said.

The Titans' star running back has been fairly phenomenal this season because of all of their help. He netted 1,167 rushing yards. His endzone finishing has also been elite as he got 12 touchdowns for them. But, the list did not just end with the people who prepare the Titans' nutritional plan on a daily basis.

“To the cleaning staff… cleaning that locker room when it smells like the Nashville Zoo, I appreciate that as well. I'm just thankful for everybody who has been a part of this journey. Like you said, with the accomplishments that I had, they played a big part,” he declared

Henry would then go on to continue thanking everyone on the Titans staff. This included their social media team, documentation, and editorial staff.

There is still a chance for him to stay with the squad even after his contract ended with the Jaguars, just like what Ran Carthon declared. However, it would not be a bad end if he chose to go somewhere else in NFL Free Agency. After eight seasons, four Pro Bowls, 90 worthwhile touchdowns, and an All-Pro selection, fans cannot be mad at how much he has given.