Titans news: Taylor Lewan claims proposal could result in new NFLPA
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Taylor Lewan claims new proposal might result in brand new NFLPA


Tennessee Titans offensive tackle Taylor Lewan voiced his strong opposition to the NFL’s plan to keep a large portion of player salaries in escrow for the 2020 season.

On Monday, NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero tweeted that the league “proposed 35% of player salaries be held in escrow to help manage costs during the 2020 season” as one option of managing lost revenue due to Covid-19, which could result in cancelled games and/or stadiums at less than full capacity.

The Titans left tackle made his feelings known on that proposal, retweeting Pelissero’s report with the succinct message calling for new leadership in the players association if that scenario does play out: “If this happens we need an entirely new PA @NFLPA.”

Former All-Pro safety Eric Weddle also commented on Lewan’s post: “Haha. No chance players should play”.

NFLPA executive Don Davis appears to be on board with Lewan. Davis told Pelissero that in response to the escrow plan (which has to be collective bargained), he told the players on a conference call that “Basically, we told them to kick rocks,” referring to the league.

The NFL’s 35% escrow plan comes on the heels of the league’s plan to cut the upcoming preseason from four games to two—ostensibly to prioritize health and safety amid the coronavirus pandemic (the league hasn’t publicly announced that plan yet). Slashing two more preseason games would save the league a small amount of money while cutting player revenues even more. The NFLPA is vociferously opposed to that idea, and is instead advocating for zero preseason games.