Not every NFL player has a perfect draft night experience. This year's installment saw quarterback Will Levis, widely expected to be taken in the first round, slip into the second round where the Tennessee Titans took him 33rd overall.

The NFL did something special for some draft picks this year, showing them video messages from their favorite players and idols. Levis said his favorite player was Tom Brady – he wasn't the only one – so Brady shared some words of wisdom with the new Titans signal-caller.

“Waiting around on draft day sucks, I know the feeling. It's not easy,” Brady said. “But I promise you one thing. It's going to make everything that happens from this point on that much sweeter.”

Brady, widely considered the greatest quarterback of all time, famously was not taken until the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft. He went on to have a first ballot Hall of Fame career, winning a record seven Super Bowls and three NFL MVPs.

Levis may not come close to achieving what Brady did, but he could get a chance with the Titans and run with it, similar to what Brady did with the New England Patriots. He hasn’t exactly put out a good first impression on the field for Titans coaches and fans. He's still young though and acclimating himself into the professional football world.

Will Levis, like many other young quarterbacks, grew up admiring Tom Brady. Perhaps a message from the legend can go a long way for Levis as he tries to prove his worth with the Titans.