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Top 10 upcoming PS5 console exclusives not coming to the Xbox Series X

Top 10 upcoming PS5 Exclusives

PS5 exclusives have always been the primary reason why players would choose Sony’s console over Microsoft’s or Nintendo’s. However, the first year of PS5’s release hasn’t really been that jacked up in terms of console exclusives. Thankfully, Sony’s PlayStation Showcase came along to save the day, allowing us a look at the upcoming games lined up for the next couple of years for the console.

These ten PS5 console exclusives should help you decide whether you’d get Sony’s console over Microsoft’s or Nintendo’s. Of course, the best route for a gamer would still be one where they have all the consoles and a massive gaming rig. But given that not all of us are born in the 1%, the discussion now falls on which one you’d rather have. These are our top ten picks for the upcoming PS5 console exclusives not coming to the Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch.

Top 10 Upcoming PS5 Console Exclusives (As of October 22, 2021)

Forspoken (SQUARE ENIX, Spring 2022)

While we’d still love to see Final Fantasy 7 Remake in this list, for the time being, we’re letting Sephiroth step aside in favor of another SQUARE ENIX title: Forspoken. Appearing in the PlayStation Showcase, Forspoken’s a breath of fresh air from the usual games we’ve been treated to by SQUARE ENIX. We’ve also finally gotten a release window for the game, so expect to pick this up from store shelves sometime next year.

God of War: Ragnarok (Santa Monica Studio, 2022)

God of War is definitely one of the highlights of the PS4’s lifespan. Of course, Sony won’t let Santa Monica Studio get away with not making a sequel for the PS5. God of War: Ragnarok will cement the series’ longevity and long-term appeal, with the game releasing almost 17 years since the original title came out. God of War: Ragnarok made an appearance in the latest Sony PlayStation Showcase, and we actually gained a lot of info, including the introduction of the burly Thor.

Meanwhile, the arrival of God of War on PC might also mean that Ragnarok will follow suit, but this, as of now, is mere speculation.

Gran Turismo 7 (Polyphony Digital, March 4, 2022)

While Microsoft has the Forza series exclusive to them, Sony’s answer to that is the long-running Gran Turismo series. Gran Turismo 7 will achieve an even more realistic and immersive driving experience for gamers, and it will be dashing to the finish line in 2022. For racing fans, it’s going to be Forza vs. Gran Turismo for them that will help them decide on which console they’ll be getting. If you don’t mind racing sometimes on PC, then definitely get a PS5 instead, as Gran Turismo 7 will be a PS5 exclusive, while Forza will be on both Xbox Series X and PC. During the Sony PlayStation Showcase, we received a release date for Gran Turismo 7.

Ghostwire: Tokyo (Tango Gameworks, TBD 2022)

Published by Bethesda Softworks and developed by Tango Gameworks, Ghostwire: Tokyo is an action-adventure game played in first-person, where karate meets magic. Players will have to use psychic and paranormal abilities to vanquish ghosts and spirits haunting Tokyo. This game has always been a stand-out ever since it was first revealed in E3 2019, and 2022 can’t come soon enough for us to finally get our hands on this game.

Wolverine (Insomniac Games, TBA)

Wolverine almost came out of nowhere during the PlayStation Showcase. Of course, we’ve always been expecting great things to come out of Insomniac Games’ studios. However, we didn’t think that Sony would feel super confident about this team, that they’d let them work on two major MARVEL titles at the same time. Yes, as Wolverine will be coming out sometime in the next few years, we’re also getting a brand-new Spider-Man 2 game, where both Miles and Peter appear to be playable. Nevertheless, we’re more excited with this game, as we haven’t seen the hairy angry X-Man starring in a video game in ages.

Spider-Man 2 (Insomniac Games, 2023)

As we’ve already mentioned, Spider-Man 2 will be coming out in the far future exclusively to the PS5. It’s amazing how Insomniac Games is working on two big-name projects at once, but we do hope that both Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine will both deliver. Thankfully, Insomniac Games has a clean track record in this regard, and we can only wait patiently as they do their magic on this sequel game.

Stray (BlueTwelve Studio, 2022)

Stray is one of those amusing kinds of games that might not have a lot of industry-changing features but can carry its own weight by the premise aloneStray, after all, is being published by the eclectic Annapurna Interactive, with their weird by creative tastes. It’s definitely one of the most anticipated PS5 exclusive games right now, but it will also be launching on PC.

Sifu (Sloclap, February 22, 2022)

Fans of Absolver definitely are aching for this game to come out soon. Thankfully, the Gamescom 2021 presentation gave us a clear-cut release date for Sifu. While we have a hunch that the chosen release date has some Feng Shui reasons behind it, we’re still happy to know that we won’t be waiting for another year to get our hands on Sifu. Definitely one of the most exciting PS5 exclusive titles out there, it should give us all the experience Sloclap wanted all of us to have with Absolver but didn’t have the opportunity to execute.

Horizon Forbidden West (Guerilla Games, February 18, 2022)

Rumors about Horizon Forbidden West being delayed to next year were abound the past few weeks, and the delay has been confirmed come Gamescom 2021. That’s not so bad, given that Guerilla Games is also giving us a next-gen console update for Horizon Zero Dawn on PS5, upping the frame cap to 60fps. In the meantime, we can also play as Aloy in Genshin Impact.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake (Aspyr, TBA)

Headlining the PlayStation Showcase is one game that a lot of RPG fans have not forgotten: Knights of the Old Republic. The classic RPG tale of twists and turns will be returning, built from scratch. The game’s remake will have no participation from BioWare whatsoever, however, so it’d be interesting to see how this one will turn out in the hands of Aspyr.

That’s our list for the top 10 upcoming PS5 console exclusives not coming to the Xbox Series X. Are you hyped for any of these titles? Did any game you’re expecting not on the list? Is PS5 winning over the Xbox Series X now? Regardless, we gamers reap the benefits of this tight competition between the two. If you want to, you can also check out our Top 10 Upcoming Xbox Series X titles not coming to PS5.