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Tyrod Taylor had injury ‘no one knew’ in Week 1, reveals Anthony Lynn

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Tyrod Taylor of the Los Angeles Chargers suffered one of the strangest injuries in recent memory. One of LA’s team doctors accidentally punctured the ten-year veteran’s lung with a syringe trying to administer treatment for a fractured rib.

Originally, Taylor’s fractured rib had not been reported, and his head coach Anthony Lynn spoke up about the injury on a SiriusXM NFL Radio appearance, per a story from Mike Florio of NBC Sports:

“The young man fractured his ribs early in the game the first week,” Lynn said regarding Taylor. “No one knew it. He’s a tough guy. He’s going to stay on that field and fight for his teammates. I knew something was wrong just by the way he moved around in the game a little bit, but he just told me it was sore. And so we get an MRI, I believe Thursday, and that’s when we found out the ribs were cracked. So we put him on the injury report at that time with the ribs and, you know, and then the injection and just complication with the injection before the game. It happens all the time — not the complications, but guys get injected all the time with that before the game.”

Certainly, injections do occur frequently for NFL players, but rarely do they go so far that they penetrate a lung – an internal organ that one would prefer would remain rather whole (i.e. not having a hole in it).

Tyrod Taylor had only been able to attempt 30 passes for the Chargers before suffering the injury. There’s still is no clear timetable set for his return.