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USC football news: Lance Armstrong is angry at the Trojans

Lance Armstrong

Noted cheater of bicycle races Lance Armstrong is made at the USC Trojans on behalf of the Texas Longhorns.

Yes. You read that correctly. Lance Armstrong angry at USC. It is due to the program’s tongue-in-cheek play with numbers leading into its game against Texas.

This is all about the Trojans pretending the 2006 Rose Bowl never happened, due to the entire Reggie Bush penalty, and it is weird in its brilliance. Basically, since USC was “stripped” of ever appearing in postseason games, the school is taking that literally. So much so, in fact, it is (again, in a joking way) saying it never lost to Texas.

Armstrong didn’t take it so well.

“Negative @USC, we were there,” Armstrong tweeted in response. “You lost the game fair and square. Btw, @ReggieBush is a f—— legend that you s*** all over.”

Fair and square, eh? What does Lance Armstrong know about fair and square?

Well, a lot really. He knows how to get around it.

All the giggles here, honestly.

Armstrong is a weird figure in sports. Despite doping more than a pro wrestling in 1984, he raised millions upon millions of dollars for cancer research. He might have cheated for personal gain, but the net-positive is so massive that you could forgive people for not giving a poop that he would inject himself with PEDs.

This game is a big deal given the context. No. Not because of the guy who rode a bike a lot. This is the first meeting for Texas and USC since that fateful night in in the Rose Bowl.