Warrior Nun is making a triumphant comeback. This is after Netflix unexpectedly dropped the beloved fantasy series after two seasons. But now, they're getting ready to bring it back as a feature film trilogy, says director Dean English.

Inspired by the comic book “Warrior Nun Areala” by Ben Dunn, the show left many disappointed when it was canceled in 2022. However, the series' devoted fans were determined to keep the show alive. Fans made noise both online and in real life, eventually getting the attention of showrunners and studio executives. Warrior Nun Executive Director, Dean English took a moment to say a big “thank you” to these fans.

“Your incredible energy is what drives us to keep telling these stories,” he stated on a dedicated website for the campaign to rescue Warrior Nun.

The announcement of the series' revival as a trilogy of feature films was met with enthusiastic anticipation. Even though ongoing strikes in Hollywood limit the details, English hinted at a bigger plan for the Warrior Nun universe. He teased the potential for the story to expand into additional films and TV series, suggesting a franchise-like future.

Simon Barry, the visionary creator, and showrunner, played an important role in the return of the series. Back in June, he already made fans feel a bit hopeful by saying thanks for everyone working together to rescue the show. And today, the future of Warrior Nun sounds even better with the trilogy. No certain dates are available at the moment but the greenlit production is already on its way.