Warriors news: Andre Iguodala compares himself, Kevin Durant to Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan
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Andre Iguodala compares himself, Kevin Durant to Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan

Andre Iguodala

Golden State Warriors sixth-man-turned-starter Andre Iguodala has plenty of praise for Kevin Durant, after he dropped a game-high 38 points in a pivotal Game 4 win over the New Orleans Pelicans.

Unlike in previous games, Durant wasn’t hesitating or settling for threes, this time with a ruthless, attacking mindset — determined to punish smaller defenders for matching up against him, leaving some resemblance to Michael Jordan, according to the Illinois native.

“KD was just KD, got to his spots, got to his shots.” said Iguodala. “It’s kind of reminded me of ’90s basketball, when they gotta score and they get the ball on their spot, or take one dribble to get to their spot. It’s like the defense can’t do anything about it.”

“It kind of reminded me of M.J.,” added Iguodala. “I don’t like to make that comparison, but he got to his spots and there’s nothing you can do about it. When you see that look in his face, it carries over to the rest of the guys.”

But the comparisons didn’t stop there for Iguodala, also seeing a bit of Scottie Pippen in himself.

“Scottie was a little taller, and he was a little longer,” noted Iguodala. “He was a little better defensively because of his physical attributes, and I kind of have a little more to my game offensively. He had an incredible bank-shot. He got a lot of attempts. The triangle was really good for him.”

Whether this Warriors team is the rebirth of a ’90s Bulls team or not, Iguodala has surely thought about this comparison once or twice before.