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Warriors’ Andrew Bogut understands move to acquire Kevin Durant, says sour exit a result of media speculation

Andrew Bogut, Kevin Durant, Warriors

Andrew Bogut is fully aware of his image of an angry giant following the offseason trade that sent him to the Dallas Mavericks on the eve of acquiring Kevin Durant, yet the Golden State Warriors center, now reunited with his old team, says he understood why the organization made that choice:

“Look, I’m not stupid, man,” Bogut told Anthony Slater of The Athletic. “The dude they made cap space for, I mean, look who he is. I’m not an idiot. You know, if it was someone else, a 12th man, I’d be pissed. But it’s one of the best players in basketball. So I totally get it.

“Was I disappointed? Of course. I wasn’t happy to get traded from a team that just went 73-9, went to the Finals, thought we had a chance to win it, but didn’t. But as far as hating the Warriors? No. I kept in touch with all the guys in this locker room — Andre, Draymond, Steph, Klay at times. Former guys like Harrison (Barnes). Steve would text me.”

Bogut knows there is no animosity between him and the organization, and is certain that this image he had before linking up with his old team was the combination of his blunt opinion, sarcasm and dry sense of humor, which often translates poorly into written media:

“The media at times likes to speculate things. That’s the job,” said Bogut. “From afar, if you’re just reading text and you’re not looking at my body language or my mannerisms, there’s a lot of things I can say that can be misconstrued. A s**tload of things. I’m a sarcastic a**hole. I like to have fun, say things. Sometimes if you’re reading in the form of text, it can come off different.”

Bogut made his season debut with the Warriors on Monday night against the San Antonio Spurs, playing 19 minutes in a start fresh off the plane, without any practice or shootaround since coming back to the United States. He posted seven points and seven rebounds in 19 minutes of action.