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David West captures JaVale McGee, Nick Young sleeping off hangover in flight

Nick Young, JaVale McGee

After accomplishing a convincing four-game sweep against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Golden State Warriors have every right to celebrate their second straight NBA Championship. However, as captured by David West on his Instagram post, it appears that some players have taken their partying to the limit.

The photo shows a knocked out Nick Young and JaVale McGee on the team plane as the Warriors make their way back to Oakland. West’s caption makes the post even more hilarious, as he explains that no matter how good the Warriors are, they are simply no match to the Hennesey. It also draws a great parallelism to the team’s unblemished Finals record, as they disposed of the Cavaliers in four straight games without ever tasting defeat.

Let’s cut them some slack. After all the hard work they put in this season, these players can and should celebrate all they want. This is especially true for Young, who collected his first championship ring in his colorful 11-year career. Both West and McGee were with the Dubs last year and are celebrating back-to-back rings.

For his part, West does not appear to be 100 percent game-ready himself. His droopy eyes illustrate that he too probably has his fair share of cognac the night previously. It would not be hard to think that the 15-year veteran himself followed his teammates to La-la land right after snapping the photo.

The festivities will carry on, as the Warriors’ victory parade is scheduled on June 12.