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Warriors star Draymond Green’s theory on why Isaiah Stewart went ‘apeshit’ on LeBron James

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Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green believes Detroit Pistons players might have played a role in Isaiah Stewart going berserk at LeBron James in their recent meeting.

LeBron and Stewart figured in an altercation in the Los Angeles Lakers’ game against the Pistons last Sunday. Early in the third quarter of the said contest, James inadvertently hit the youngster in the face. Stewart confronted the LA superstar before they were separated, but the former suddenly went on a rampage and tried to start a fight as blood gushes out of a cut near his eye.

Based on Green’s observation, however, the situation only escalated because of the Pistons players holding back Stewart. According to the Warriors forward, it looked like LeBron and Stewart were under control–with James seemingly trying to apologize at first. Nonetheless, things took a different turn when the other Detroit players got involved.

“You have teammates coming running in, holding the guy back, pullin’ him away from LeBron and I think they may have made him feel like he should be upset because that’s when he went apesh*t,” Draymond Green explained on The Volume.

The messy situation ended up with both LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart getting ejected in the game. They were also punished for it, with James getting suspended for one game and Stewart for two contests because of his unsportsmanlike conduct.

For what it’s worth, Stewart addressed the incident after Friday’s showdown with the Los Angeles Clippers. After watching the film, he emphasized his stance that James hit him on purpose.

“Me personally, I didn’t feel like it was an accident, but it’s my last time addressing it. My main focus right now is on my team, my teammates, getting back to playing basketball,” Stewart shared.

Whoever is at fault for the ugly scene, both James and Stewart are certainly moving on from it. But, it is worth noting that the two will meet again on Sunday for the final Lakers-Pistons regular season game.