How would a Stephen Curry and Tyrese Haliburton backcourt on the Golden State Warriors have looked? That was almost a possibility. Haliburton has been taking the NBA by storm during the in-season tournament and he's been playing like a legitimate MVP candidate with the Indiana Pacers. But he was available when the Warriors made their selection at pick No. 2 but they opted to draft James Wiseman instead. Former Warriors general manager Bob Myers recently admitted that he made a mistake that draft.

“I can't really defend it, it was a mistake!,” Myers admitted while on a recent ESPN segment. “It was a mistake, I screwed up! It was a major mistake.”

Warriors fans will no doubt have daydreams of what could have been if the team would have drafted Tyrese Haliburton. Wiseman is no longer on the Warriors and is struggling to find a consistent role with the 2-20 Detroit Pistons while Haliburton has ascended to one of the NBA's elite players.

The Warriors aren't the only team that passed on Haliburton during that draft, however. Of the 11 players selected before him, only two of them, Anthony Edwards and LaMelo Ball, have made All-Star appearances and have franchise potential.

Through 18 games, Haliburton has been averaging 26.9 points per game, 4.2 rebounds, 12.1 assists and 1.0 steals with splits of 52.5 percent shooting from the field, 44.1 percent shooting from the three point line and 88.4 percent shooting from the free throw line.

Haliburton's shooting percentages are all career highs as his is points per game and his assists. He's currently leading the league in assists.