Bob Myers is widely considered the architect behind the Golden State Warriors dynasty. One could argue that the Dubs would not have been as successful had it not been for Myers' role behind the scenes. As such, it's only natural for people to ask how the Dubs intend to go about their business now that Myers has decided to leave Golden State.

One of the biggest issues the Warriors will need to face pertains to the new CBA rules and how they will impact the salary cap for the Dubs. This is an area wherein Myers excelled, which is why people want to know how the Warriors intend to navigate these murky waters amid Myers' imminent departure.

Team majority owner Joe Lacob was with Bob Myers during his announcement on Tuesday, and this is exactly one of the questions that the billionaire entrepreneur was faced with. Unsurprisingly, Lacob had a defiant response in addressing the issue at hand:

“We're going to win no matter what. I don't care what the rules are,” Lacob said. “We are going to figure out a way to do it. That's what good organizations do. They figure out a way to win the game — and our game is to win games and to win championships.”

You have to commend the confidence in Joe Lacob. As he said, though, the Warriors have found ways to succeed in the past regardless of the restrictions that they may have faced. Lacob is adamant that they will do the same next season and beyond — even without Bob Myers in the picture.