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Warriors news: Kevin Durant has a Twitter exchange with Kiwi troll

Even after winning the NBA championship, Kevin Durant continues to battle trolls from all corners of the globe on Twitter.

Durant’s latest exchange came with a fan from New Zealand (probably a Steven Adams fan?) who wondered whether Durant was thinking about ditching the Warriors and joining his 7-0 college team. Apparently, Durant wasn’t impressed at their lack of Splash Brother-esque shooting.

The fan delivered some more barbs in response, though. He asked what they’d need to do to convince him, and brought up a couple of situations referring to Durant’s past with the Oklahoma City Thunder. KD jokingly agreed and stuck to his guns about their lack of shooting as well.

It’s been just over a year since Durant’s controversial move from OKC to Golden State, and with the way the trolls have been hounding him on social media all summer, they don’t seem to be getting tired of him just yet.

But Durant has been pretty eager to clap back whenever he can, so he’s not backing down, either. With training camp still a few weeks away and KD with a lot of time on his hands, expect a few more Durant-troll exchanges before summer’s out.