Kevin Durant: He and Stephen Curry were 'never in a bad place'
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Warriors news: Kevin Durant says he and Stephen Curry were ‘never in a bad place’ after Under Armour comments

Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry

Kevin Durant’s comments about Under Armour did not come kindly to his teammate Stephen Curry, who has been notoriously the face of the brand for the last three years.

“We were never in a bad place,” Durant told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols. “We didn’t have to patch anything up. It was an opinion that I had — well, I wouldn’t even call it an opinion — I don’t even wanna go there for one.”

“Me and Steph, we talked about that, he had a conversation with me about it and I understood, moved on. But we’re the Warriors, everybody’s trying to figure out a way to break us up, so they’ll use that too.”

The Finals MVP offered that high school kids don’t want to wear Under Armour shoes, but the ones that do are because they’ve grown up in the UA system — making them likely candidates for the University of Maryland — school which the brand sponsors.

Curry fired back saying his statement was far from the truth, even jokingly noting how Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball wore them during a game in Summer League.

The sneaker market had taken a hit in general, but Under Armour’s stock had fallen a horrid, whopping 44 percent since the start of the fiscal year, falling 3 percent alone after Durant made his comments during the second part of an interview with Bill Simmons of The Ringer.