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LaMelo Ball reacts to LaVar Ball claiming he’s a bad fit with Warriors in deleted tweet

Warriors, LaVar Ball, LaMelo Ball, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson

There appears to be some disaccord within the Ball household of late, with top NBA prospect LaMelo Ball contradicting the earlier statement of his father, LaVar Ball, about the former’s potential fit with the Golden State Warriors.

In a now-deleted tweet, LaMelo reacted to this recent development with a simple yet straightforward two-word response (h/t Jacob Rude of Lonzo Wire):

LaMelo Ball, LaVar Ball

Earlier, LaVar declared that his son is “not a follower” and that LaMelo would be an ugly fit with the likes of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson running the show in Golden State. In the above screen grab, it appears that LaMelo does not necessarily agree with his father’s statement, telling him to “chill.”

Then again, it is also very much possible that LaMelo was referencing the article itself. Perhaps he was telling everybody else — and not his dad — to “chill” about persistently linking him to the Warriors. After all, him joining the Dubs is anything but a certainty at this point.

LaMelo is expected to be one of the high lottery picks of the upcoming draft. However, there are a few names experts rank above him at the moment. One of those names is James Wiseman, who’s another candidate for the No. 1 spot in the draft.

As it is, Golden State is the owner of the worst record in the league, giving them a 14.0% chance of winning the top pick. Should this come to fruition, then it would come as a huge surprise if they actually opt to take LaMelo first overall. There are actually rumblings out there that they aren’t all that high on Ball anyway, with some rumors suggesting they’re more intrigued by Tyrese Haliburton.

It will be a while before the Warriors find out just when they’re drafting. The 2020 NBA Draft Lottery is set for Aug. 25.