Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry was clearly unhappy with some of the statements made by incumbent United States President Donald Trump on Tuesday, as he took on Democratic bet Joe Biden in the highly anticipated Presidential Debate.

The former back-to-back MVP winner seemed specifically irate with the President's “stand back and stand by” message, as he  quickly took to Twitter to voice his disagreement.

While Stephen Curry did not explicitly contradict President Trump's statement, the sarcasm on his tweet is bright as day.

The Warriors point guard also made sure to remind everyone to come out and vote in the upcoming elections. He is presumably calling out to anyone and everyone who is as displeased as he is to make sure that they all make their voices heard in November.

As for his basketball, Curry has had a lengthy vacation following his team's elimination from playoff contention. Since the Warriors were not invited to participate in the Orlando bubble, they have been on break since the season was suspended in March. This extended rest period should only help in Curry's expected return to form for the 2020-21 season. With him at the helm, and the return of the injured Klay Thompson, Golden State is fully expected to mount a serious challenge for the title next term.

Then again, Curry is still keeping his eyes on the bigger issues at hand. He has been quite vocal in the battle against systemic racism, and he has likewise been critical of the current administration. Clearly, he has no intentions of shutting up and dribbling.