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Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant? Dwyane Wade reveals who he’d start team with

Warriors Stephen Curry Kevin Durant Dwyane Wade

The MVP race for the 2021-22 NBA season could very well come down to two former winners: Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry and Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant. Both superstars have been at the top of the NBA world throughout their respective careers. You’d be splitting hairs trying to decide which between the two was truly greater.

In a recent appearance on the Dan Patrick show, Miami Heat icon Dwyane Wade was given the tall task of trying to choosing which star to start a franchise with .

“That’s a tough one. I’m gonna go with Steph,”said Wade.

“It won’t make any sense. You can close your eyes and pick. But I guess I went with Steph because Steph has kind of revolutionized the sport,” explaining why he chose the Warriors star. “He’s one of those Mount Rushmores from the sense of changing the game the way he has. So I give him a little nod.”

Any franchise would blessed by the basketball gods to be able to have either Curry or Durant. They were clearly Warriors fans, given that both won titles together in Golden State.

While Kevin Durant is an NBA unicorn in the truest form, combining a seven-foot frame with guard-like skills, Stephen Curry indeed altered the game’s entire approach. If you’re trying to decided between two galactic talents, that could give Curry the edge by the thinnest of margins.