Ayesha Curry loved what her husband, Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry, said about the trash talking he received during Monday’s contest against the Houston Rockets.

To recall, Curry and Kevin Porter Jr. went viral during the game after the Rockets guard stared down and jawed at the Warriors superstar. Steph ignored his opponent and admitted after the contest that he used it as a “boost” to perform better.

Curry finished with 40 points, five rebounds and nine assists as he finally broke out of his slump. He propelled the Dubs to a 122-108 win to extend their win streak to six.

“Fun stuff like that happens in the game,” Curry told Mark Haynes of ClutchPoints. “I take it all as entertainment and sometimes you need a little boost. I never really play into it much. Obviously, I didn’t say anything back so just hoop and have fun with it.”

Upon hearing what her husband said, though, Ayesha Curry couldn’t help but be more impressed with Steph. She shared how Curry has always been the optimistic person who looks at the positive side of things.

“He’s like this in real life too. Literally rolls with what comes his way and always sees the silver linings. Mr. Brightside. My favorite person in the universe,” Ayesha wrote on Twitter.

Indeed, it is certainly great to see how Stephen Curry tries to be a role model and set a good example. Instead of firing back with his own trash talk, he focused on himself and spreading a more positive mindset.

No wonder he has Ayesha falling head over heels on him again.