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Warriors news: Stephen Curry responds to LaVar Ball claiming Lonzo is better than him

Stephen Curry White House visit

With roughly five weeks before the start of the season, Stephen Curry took time to address some of the claims by LaVar Ball, who twice said his son, rookie Lonzo Ball, was better than the two-time MVP.

The Golden State Warriors guard wouldn’t go tic-for-tat with the loudmouthed Ballfather, instead laughing at the extent of the hyperbole, noting it was a testament to his “insanity.”

“I don’t know him at all,” Curry told Scott Fowler of The Charlotte Observer. “They (the Ball family) are obviously unique and they are doing it their way. You can say a lot about the power in that.”

“And I think Lonzo wore my shoes. Hey, that’s somebody who wants to wear my shoes!,” Curry noted, citing Kevin Durant’s comments of “nobody want to play in Under Armours” made during The Bill Simmons Podcast.

Ball putting his son in comparison with the NBA’s two-time MVP hasn’t just been heard by Curry, but the rest of the league, likely placing an even bigger target on his back when the season gets to a start.

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Warriors will see each other four times this upcoming season, giving them plenty of time to settle the score, even if Ball is the only one who has something to prove.