Warriors news: Stephen Curry says he has a 'mixed feeling' when he's contesting Seth Curry's shot on defense
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Warriors’ Stephen Curry says he has a ‘mixed feeling’ when he’s contesting Seth Curry’s shot on defense

Steph Curry, Seth Curry

Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry admitted that going up against his younger brother, Portland Trail Blazers guard Seth Curry, feels a bit weird.

In an interview with Rachel Nichols of ESPN, Curry shared his experience facing his brother in Game 1 of the 2019 Western Conference Finals.

The two-time NBA Most Valuable Player said that he had a mixed feeling when he once contested the shot of Seth in Game 1.

“When I was guarding him, he had a corner three in front of our bench, it is such a mixed feeling,” Steph said. “I cannot really turn it out. I’ll be OK if he makes this. I am still contest really hard.”

Steph and Seth have made it no secret that they have a good relationship as siblings.

But while Steph admitted that he is having mixed emotions when guard is younger brother, he pointed out that it is a different story on the other end of the floor. He insisted that when Seth is guarding him, he always goes on him hard.

Steph was on fire in Game 1, as he finished with 36 points on 12-for-23 shooting from the field, including nine three-pointers.

The three-time NBA champion helped the Warriors cruise to a 116-94 win in Game 1, where they played without superstar forward Kevin Durant.