Warriors news: Stephen Curry takes on Shirt Off Shootout Challenge
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Warriors’ Stephen Curry takes on Shirt Off Shootout Challenge for charity


Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry is used to shooting from long range, though his spectacular displays usually occur on a basketball court, rather than a laundry room.

The Warriors superstar took part in the #ShirtOffShootOut challenge to raise money for Feed the Children, a non-profit focused on ending child hunger (via Chanel Vargas of Popsugar):

Admittedly, the #ShirtOffShootOut challenge sounds pretty easy: throw as many articles of clothing as possible into your laundry basket from 10 feet away. For every basket scored, The Late Late Show With James Corden will donate $100 to Feed the Children. The catch? Players can only use the clothes they’re currently wearing.

Curry’s attempt can be seen below:

Pretty tough showing for the two-time Warriors MVP. Admittedly, even Curry had to laugh a bit when the basket fell over in the final seconds.

In spite of the results, however, Curry once again showcased his benevolent spirit. Both Steph and his wife Ayesha have numerous philanthropic causes, and Curry has always been eager to give back to communities in need.

James Corden started the #ShirtOffShootOut in the absence of the NBA playoffs, which would have begun this past Saturday. He has called out NBA players around the country to join the cause and participate in the challenge.

The fundraising efforts are especially important during the time of the coronavirus pandemic, which is impacting communities around the world.

Curry might not have been able to shoot many hoops for the Dubs this season, but he is still staying involved and making a difference, even if it is in rather comical fashion.