Is Stephen Curry in midseason form for the Golden State Warriors? Perhaps. On Wednesday night, facing a Sacramento Kings team that was taking the preseason game against the Dubs, the team they lost to during the 2023 NBA playoffs, more seriously than most people expect given the exhibition nature of preseason, Curry reminded the Kings that they're still looking up to the four-time champion.

With the Warriors down 115-113 with 10.9 seconds to go, Chris Paul inbounded the ball to Curry and watched him go to work. Curry, facing De'Aaron Fox in isolation, didn't waste much time. After taking a small jab step to the left, Curry took one dribble to his right and then stepped back, creating space for a three-pointer right over Fox's outstretched arms. That, of course, was all the space the Warriors star needed as he swished home the triple to give his team the lead, much to the delight of the Chase Center faithful.

There were around six seconds left on the clock in the aftermath of Stephen Curry's go-ahead triple, so it's not like the Warriors' victory was written in stone just yet. The Kings then turned to De'Aaron Fox to try and win the game, but Fox's three-point try was offline, giving the Dubs an enthralling preseason win.

Fans of course enjoyed the fact that these two Pacific Division powerhouses went at it and gave it their all despite it being preseason, with Warriors fans relishing the fact that they have, yet again, come out on top against the Kings.

“Stephen curry stays lighting the beam 😂,” wrote one fan. Wrote another, “Steph Curry really hitting daggers in preseason 😭.”

Meanwhile, others were hyped up after Stephen Curry brought out his iconic night-night celebration in preseason, of all times. There may be something about the Kings that just brings out the best in the Warriors star; the last time he came up against them was when he dropped 50 points on their heads in Game 7.

“Curry scored 50 in game 7 and he hit a 3 to win this game. It stings probably because it brings back a painful memory especially since the expectation for the Kings is so high,” explained one user. Said another, “Man Steph a wild dude man.”

We simply cannot wait for these games to start counting.