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Warriors’ Stephen Curry wants to be smart about his minutes in upcoming season


Stephen Curry is bound for a heavy minutes load in this upcoming 2019-20 season after a hefty loss of firepower with Kevin Durant’s departure and Klay Thompson’s injury. However he’s not expecting his playing time going through the roof in order to rack up wins, still fully aware that in order to thrive in the playoffs, the Golden State Warriors can’t be a one-man show.

“I wanna be smart about what I’m doing,” Curry said. “I doubt there’ll be any games where I’m playing 48 minutes (laugh) and– just ’cause I — I could, but why, you know, that’s not — that’s not part of, you know, how you achieve greatness, at the end of the day, for what we’re trying to accomplish, which is a championship. So everything’s gonna be in light of trying to get another banner. All the other stuff is — it’ll take care of itself.”

Curry has not played “heavy” minutes since the 2013-14 season, and it’s likely he could near 35 or more minutes a night on the regular flow of the season, a slight uptick to the 33.8 minutes he averaged on a nightly basis in 2018-19.

While Durant is gone and Thompson is on a recovery mission until February or March, Curry will count with Draymond Green to handle some of the ballhandling duties and the playmaking ones. D’Angelo Russell will also have the ball on his hands a fair bit, but mainly acting as the default ballhandler for the second unit, allowing Curry to have the ball for the majority of their time together on the floor.

Curry’s health is of utmost importance for the franchise, as even a short-term injury could derail their season if it happens at an untimely stretch.