Warriors video: Stephen Curry goes crazy after Draymond Green's basket
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Video: Warriors star Stephen Curry has hilarious reaction to Draymond Green’s basket

draymond green, stephen curry

Golden State Warriors sharpshooting guard Stephen Curry trolled Draymond Green after the latter converted on a perimeter basket.

After Green noticed that his defender was sagging off, he casually rose up for a mid-range shot. Thankfully, despite his rather awkward shooting form, the ball rolled in and swished the net.

And if you look at Curry who was sitting on the bench, right after the ball went in, he stood up and did his impression of Green’s jumper.

It certainly isn’t the prettiest looking shot out there and Green isn’t the most accurate jump shooter either. But in the clip above, the shot went in. And there’s really nothing to more to say.

Besides, Green isn’t really known as a knockdown shooter like Curry, Klay Thompson, or Kevin Durant. Some believe that this has made him a liability at times when his shots aren’t falling. In several games, Green’s defenders would sag off of him when he’s behind the 3-point line. Instead of paying attention to him, Green’s defenders are on the lookout for possible cutters.

But this hasn’t stopped Green from playing his game. He’s highly regarded as the Warriors’ leader. Whatever he lacks in shooting, he makes up for it by setting his teammates and running the plays correctly. Given all the other things that he does on the floor sans a nice shooting form, maybe we can forgive his lack of a pristine jump shot.