During the post-production of the new horror film Saw X, director Kevin Greutert and his team experienced an unexpected visit from the police due to concerns raised by their neighbors in Hollywood, Deadline reports. The incident occurred when the film's first assistant editor, Steve Forn, was working on a particularly intense scene involving a vacuum trap sequence.

In an interview with NME, Greutert recounted the surprising encounter with law enforcement. He explained, “There was a knock at the door, and we have the doorbell [camera] video of the police walking up, [Forn answering the door] and the police saying, ‘The neighbors [have been] calling and saying someone's being tortured to death in here.'”

To their amusement, Forn reassured the officers that he was merely working on a movie. He even offered to show them the scene. The police, finding the situation more comical than alarming, declined to inspect further. Greutert commented, “They said, ‘We want to but, you know, you're all right.' […] It's a pretty funny story…Plus Steve is such a mild-mannered guy. I can only imagine the look on his face when he realized what was happening!”


While the incident may have caused some momentary confusion for the neighbors, it is a testament to the film's sound design and realism. The Saw franchise is known for its graphic and gruesome scenes, and it appears that the sound effects in Saw X were convincing enough to prompt a call to the authorities.

Saw X, the latest installment in the long-running horror series, is currently playing in theaters, delivering its signature brand of frights and thrills to fans of the franchise.