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Braun Strowman throws Shane McMahon off top of steel cage in Wrestlemania 37

Shane McMahon Braun Strowman Wrestlemania 37

Braun Strowman had a ton of pent up anger towards Shane McMahon heading up to their clash at WrestleMania 37. And on the night one of WWE’s flagship event, The Monster Among Men took full advantage of his opportunity to exact his revenge towards the son of the owner of WWE. Stowman did so by throwing Shane O’Mac off the top of 15-foot steel cage and down into the mat.

Watch the insane spot below, via Bleacher Report:

Ah, the usual “Shane McMahon gets thrown off incredible heights” moment that we all know and love. McMahon, 51, is known to pull off these daredevil spots during the times he does step in the squared circle. Among the memorable ones include the time The Undertaker threw him off the top of the Hell in a Cell back in WrestleMania 32.

Shane O’Mac looked like he was on his way to defeating Strowman in the Steel Cage Match, where one of the ways to win is to escape the structure. McMahon already made his way to the outside of the cage and just needed to jump down to the canvas to pick up the win. But in an incredible show of strength, Strowman ripped apart the cage and got McMahon back in the cage.

This only spelled doom for Shane O’Mac in Wrestelmania 37, as Strowman gave him those hands. And then, Strowman did it. The Monster positioned McMahon at the top of the cage. With both men standing at the top of the 15-foot structure, Strowman lunged McMahon in the air and sent him crashing down onto the canvass. Strowman then finished off McMahon by delivering an emphatic running powerslam for the pin and the win.

All those weeks of calling him Strowman “stupid” didn’t exactly end well for Shane McMahon.