Though the events of Clash at the Castle have been slightly overshadowed by the main event of Monday Night RAW, when Chad Gable was “massacred” by a returning Uncle Howdy and his faction, the Wyatt Sick6, apparently no one told that to CM Punk, as he ran down to the ring for a rare SmackDown appearance in Chicago like the king of the world.

On paper, it makes sense, as Punk has been synonymous with his city since he began wrestling decades ago, going as the “Second City Saint” and often incorporating the colors of the Blackhawks, Bears, Cubs, and even the town flag into his gear, but this appearance felt different. Why? Two words: Drew McIntyre.

That's right, after screwing the “Scottish Warrior” in his college town, counting the most controversial two-count since SummerSlam 1997 in a booking decision that drew largely negative reactions from both the crowd and fans online, Punk watched from home as McIntyre announced that he was done with WWE before walking out of RAW after formally quitting the promotion.

Would Punk apologize for giving McIntyre such a hard go, being a babyface in his hometown? Or would he lean into his heelish tendencies, playing the role of smack-talking anti-hero in a town that really enjoys a star who keeps it real even if it isn't universally popular? Well, if you've watched Punk do just about anything over the past few years, you knew first-hand what he would decide to do.

Sitting in the middle of the ring like, well, most CM Punk promos of note, the “Best in the World” ran through his usual issues and talking points before turning his attention to the “Scottish Warrior,” who he berated for losing in Scotland, for quitting WWE a few days later, and for suggesting that he would end up with his “head on a pike” if he tried to interfere in the main event at Clash at the Castle, which the “Second City Saint” very much did and the crowd very much didn't do.

While the segment was ultimately cut short by Paul Heyman, who warned Punk about the new Bloodline and asked the “Best in the World” to save him from his situation, in the end, the promo turned into verbal showdown between Solo Sikoa and Cody Rhodes, who began a program of their own in Glasgow.

On paper, this was a perfect way to use Punk, as he got over, got screen time in front of his home crowd, and was able to contribute despite being unable to declare that he was cleared to wrestle, but one person who wasn't into it one bit was the “Scottish Warrior,” who was secretly in Chicago and decided to beat the absolute bricks off of Punker. After bloodying him up backstage, McIntyre dropped Punk on the entrance ramp for the Chicagoland fans to see before snatching his “AJ and Larry” bracelet just before the paramedics whisked the “Second City Saint” away in an ambulance.

Why did this happen? Is this to make the feud all the more brutal? Or could it be a side-effect of Punk still not being cleared to wrestle midway through June, with this beatdown giving him a few more weeks to recover off the television before making his massive return in the future to set up a SummerSlam match for Cleveland? Either way, it's clear WWE has plenty more they want to do with this feud and wrestling fans should tune into RAW this Monday to see what McIntyre has to say for himself regarding his actions.

Dave Meltzer isn't sure if CM Punk will be cleared for SummerSlam.

While the fans in Chicago were certainly shocked to see Drew McIntyre beat the bricks off of CM Punk on SmackDown, they probably shouldn't have been, as, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, it's still very much up in the air as to if the “Second City Saint” will even be cleared for SummerSlam.

“The hope is that Punk vs. McIntyre will take place at SummerSlam on 8/3 in Cleveland, but we were told that as of right now, it’s up in the air whether Punk would be ready by that date,” Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio via Inside The Ropes. “It was emphasized to me that he could be ready, but it’s not a sure thing. Punk will be making an announcement on Smackdown this week which was teased like he would be announcing he’s cleared.”

Ideally, Punk and McIntyre would have their first match sooner than later, especially if the former screws the latter again at Money in the Bank. If, however, Punk can't work a match just yet, well, this plan makes a ton of sense, all things considered.