When Edge took the ring against Sheamus on his special 25th Anniversary Edition of his SmackDown, fans had a pretty good idea that it might be his final full-time match as a member of the WWE Universe, especially when news broke that his current contract was rapidly coming to an end.

WWE produced a touching series of video packages to celebrate his career, his match was called by Michael Cole like a WrestleMania main event, and on more than a few occasions, the camera crew turned their attention to Beth Phoenix, who was crying for what felt like the entire match. Sure, fans had their own theories on the subject, with the popular prevailing theory being that Edge could parlay his WWE exit into a reunion with Christian Cage at AEW All In, where he could run down to the ring at Wembley Stadium and wrestle his career-highlight opponents, the Hardy Boyz, in front of 80,000 screaming fans, but in the end, fans didn't have any clarity one way or another… until now.

That's right, as it turns out, Edge gave an interview to Sportsnet’s The Fan Morning Show and let it be known that while he isn't sure about his future in the WWE, his contract doesn't end until September, which is after All In whether it's September 1st or 31st.

“I can’t say I haven’t thought about it. I have for sure. But I realized I haven’t come to any conclusions. And I’m kind of torn, honestly, because I don’t want to do this to the point where I don’t feel like I’m able to have the output that I want,” Edge said via Post Wrestling.

“Only I know how I feel when I’m deep into a match and go, ‘Oh, man, okay. I didn’t do enough cardio.' Or, ‘Man, I did all that cardio, and I still feel this way.' So that’s why I really want to collect myself after this thing, take a just a big old deep breath, and just decide what that is.

“You know, my contract’s up at the end of September. This is my last contracted match, so I have a lot of decisions to make, but I can’t do it now. I think I’ve almost got to see how Friday goes in a weird way. I know that’s not a clear answer, but I don’t have it yet.”

Dang, well, that's certainly a buzz kill. While WWE did reportedly give Rob Van Dam their blessing to work a match versus Jack Perry on Dynamite, it's hard to imagine Paul “Triple H” Levesque offering the same luxury to Edge, as he would provide AEW with headlines, huge social media reactions, and a sense of legitimacy that they certainly aren't looking to afford to a “challenger” brand. Even if this doesn't completely close the door on Adam Copeland in AEW, as Tony Khan would certainly still be interested, it does take away what could have been an all-time All In moment right up there with Chris Jericho's Pentagon Jr. hijinx at the first All In.

Edge discusses his full-circle moment wrestling once more in Toronto.

Elsewhere in his conversation with Sportsnet’s The Fan Morning Show, Edge was asked about how it felt to wrestle in Toronto once more, where he worked his very first match all the way back in 1993 as part of a three-on-two handicap match with Rob Echeverria, Shane Gallant, American Gladiator, and Billy Johnson for FAME.

Though Edge didn't want to get too romantic about his relationship with Toronto, that attempt quickly fell by the wayside as he romanticized the heck out of the early years of his pro wrestling career.

“It’s all the cliches; it really is. I’ve had so many, you know, what would seem storybook cliches happen to me over the years. I look at it, and 25 years with WWE, like, that’s about four lifetimes, because wrestling life is in dog years,” Edge said. “And man, I just looked back to the beginning, and it all just kind of unfolds in your brain. So to be here, to have it commemorated in Toronto, obviously is just insanely special to me, because Toronto’s where it all started.

“I trained down in Jameson Avenue at Sully’s Gym and knocked around Toronto while I was trying to cut my teeth and get experience and try to do this thing. It all is just really surreal at times.

“My girls are flying up with me, and my life’s gonna be there, college friends, my high school friends, public school friends. I really want it to be a celebration and the fact that I get to work with Sheamo — he’s a guy that’s been with the company about 15 years, and we’ve never had that one-on-one match. We’re very close, very tight. Everything I said on our show on Friday is true. He was the catalyst for me getting this career back and getting this last chapter back, and getting it to see it out on my terms. He’s the reason I got it back. So to share it with him as well is, it’s just really cool.

“I don’t know how to say it. I’m just so ecstatic and, but I’m also going to be relieved when I get back to the locker room and can just take a deep breath.”

Whether he wrestles one, 10, or 100 more matches in his professional wrestling career, it's clear his mid-August match against Sheamus will go down as one of the true highlights of Edge's career, as he was able to do what he loves to do best in his favorite city in front of his favorite people. All-in-all, a perfect way to go out, should he decide to.