Stopping by the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Hulk Hogan had a ton to say about CBD, Magic Mushroom, a potential retirement match, and more, but one topic that was a little less entertaining to talk about was his past racially insensitive comments, which led to a short absence from WWE and a loss of respect from more than a few life-long fans.

Understandably, this isn't a topic Hogan likes to talk about as much as, say, bodyslamming Andre the Giant or appearing in Rocky 3 as “Thunderlips,” but the “Hulkster” did discuss it at least somewhat with Helwani, even if the way he handled it probably won't sit too well with fans who still hold his words against him.

“There was a temporary situation where I thought, ‘Okay, where's this going to end up at? Where's this gonna wind down? Where's the legacy, where's this, that. At the end of the day, there had been so much goodwill with the Hulk Hogan brand, and people knew me so well, I mean, I've been around over 40 years. People know me so well, from Mike Tyson to Brutus Beefcake to Vince McMahon to Verne Gagne to Bret Hart, everybody knows me so well that they knew that I would come back and I would become the person that I was,” Hogan said via Fightful.

“There was a temporary situation with the surgeries and some of the racial stuff that went down. It was a speed bump, but that's not who I was, and everybody knew that. So it was a tough time, but the main thing that really got me were the surgeries over the last ten years. That was the thing that was in question. When you come out of a back surgery, and someone tells you you're never gonna walk again, that will really screw your head up. The rest of this stuff, I had a bunch of people on my side, I had a huge support system. People that knew me stuck with me, and it's just been amazing to see how the fans have stayed with me.”

Will Hogan's comments win over any fans he lost along the way? No, probably not, but as he pointed out, he really isn't trying to; Hogan has built up a massive fanbase over the years and has a strong support system that largely stuck with him through the down. He's been back on WWE television multiple times since, and though the reaction hasn't always been positive, the approval of Vince McMahon and company surely means more than the reactions of random folks on Twitter.

Hulk Hogan, the actor, gets a surprising endorsement.

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From Suburban Commando to No Holds Barred, Mr. Nanny, and Santa with Muscles, Hulk Hogan is not particularly well known for his acting abilities, with his non-comedy parts routinely mocked by wrestling fans and non-wrestling fans alike.

Though that opinion will not be changed any time soon in the eyes of most, unless, of course, Hogan finds another The Wrestler to put his talents behind – Hogan famously said he turned down the Randy “The Ram” Robinson role that won Mickey Rourke an Oscar in 2008, a claim disputed by Darren Aronofsky – in the opinion of Kurt Fuller, the actor famous for appearing in No Holds Barred and for roles like Woody on Psych and John in Midnight in Paris, he really shouldn't get as much hate as he does.

“I liked him a lot. He was really, a very down to earth guy. You could sit and talk to him face-to-face, and he'd be very honest about things. He's very real. When he performed the wrestling, he was great,” Fuller said via Fightful. “He knows where to be, how to be, and what to do. He's a true professional and has a lot of charisma. It was like the first time he ever acted. He did, especially for the first time, a very good job. What he had that most people, people like me, never have is the kind of charisma that, you can't take your eyes off him when he's there. You're drawn to him. It's a very rare thing.”

Asked to extrapolate on Hogn's acting, Fuller did, asserting that even if he wasn't great, he was better than most first-time actors.

“I like him. He sold the character very well,” Fuller said. “In later movies, his acting got better. Believe me, I've worked with a lot of first-time actors, and he was among the best first-time actors I've worked with. He was a good guy.”

Still don't believe Fuller? Well, give No Holds Barred a watch and educate yourself on the absolute force of nature known as Zeus, who actually wrestled a few matches in WWE to capitalize on his character's popularity.