After spending the first few months of her WWE career waiting in the wings for the perfect opportunity to debut, Jade Cargill has rapidly racked up three wins in the months of April alone, earning a perfect win via statement matches against Damage CTRL at WrestleMania 40, and two more over Chelsea Green the week after.

Is Cargill championship-bound? Could Paul “Triple H” Levesque look to debut a trios championship to give her new group, the Big 3 with Naomi and Bianca Belair, in order to give his high profile free agent a belt to tout weekly onscreen? Totally, but one thing is for sure: none of this would have happened for Cargill in AEW, at least in the opinion of Booker T, who made the point on his Hall of Fame podcast.

“When looking at the roster in AEW as far as the women goes, it's a no-brainer. She would be doing nothing in AEW if she was still there other than what she was doing which was nothing. She was having menial matches that didn't do anything for her as far as her learning, just going out there and beating girls and padding her record. They were just squash matches. Learning on the fly, in not a great system for learning, again having those types of matches where you're not working with the girls on the main roster, so to speak, the Britt Bakers,” Booker T said on his Hall of Fame podcast via Inside the Ropes.

“I don't think Jade Cargill and Britt Baker spoke once in AEW. How can she be learning in a system like that? So I think her moving to WWE and being in that system, she's going to get a whole lot more out of it as well as the after effect when it's all over is how big her star is going to be. I think that what's going to matter more than anything is how big her star is going to be.”

Unfortunately, Booker is pretty much dead-on in his assessment, as Tony Khan literally made a second belt for Cargill to defend instead of risking her undefeated streak in the main event picture with heavy hitters like Baker, Thunder Rosa, and Toni Storm; a decision that made some question if she was simply being “Goldberg-ed” for one reason or another instead of being worthy on mainstream domination. For better or worse, WWE is where Cargill needs to be, and it's already paid dividends.

Bianca Belair is proud of Jade Cargill's efforts in WWE so far.

Speaking of Jade Cargill's massive in-ring debut at the “Showcase of the Immortals” in South Philadelphia, Bianca Belair stopped by the WWE World of WrestleMania to talk all things WWE and gave some major props to her Big 3 partner in crime, noting that, in her first match in the promotion, “That Chick” made a magical moment.

“I thought it was great. It's one thing to be able to debut in WWE, but when you're debuting at WrestleMania… but she handled it,” Bianca Belair explained via Fightful. “She was just calm, cool, collected. She handled it. I think it just speaks volumes of what's expected of her, and what we're gonna see of her in the future, and the potential that she has. It's exciting. Any time that I get to step in the ring with her, and Naomi as well, who's our veteran, our big sis, I feel like we just created magic, and to be able to do it all three of us together on the grand stage and bring meaning and even more purpose to WrestleMania with us, it was a magical moment. I think Jade, she showed up, she showed out, and I'm excited to see what more she has to show.”

After some questionable decisions early in her run in WWE, making a huge deal about her free agency signing and having her bounce from brand to brand on a “free agency tour” from RAW to SmackDown and even NXT before eventually landing on the Blue Brand, it's safe to say Triple H has found the perfect way to make Cargill look like a star as an in-ring performer, working like a borderline unstoppable force in her actions with Damage CTRL before crushing Chelsea Green on television twice in the same week. While only time will tell what the future holds, especially when WWE has to transition into normal storytelling instead of quick squashes, for now, Cargill looks like a legit Superstar, and that was clearly the intention.