John Cena has a Bloodline problem.

After becoming the object of Jey Uso‘s ire pretty much since he returned to the promotion on the SmackDown before Payback, the leader of CeNation has barely had a moment to think within the WWE Universe without a Fatu breathing down his neck, with AJ Styles and The OC being drafted into the feud for one reason or another.

Taking the ring in the opening segment of SmackDown, Uso, Solo Sikoa, and Paul Heyman took some time to let the WWE Universe know that they, in fact, run the Blue Brand and Cena needs to acknowledge the “Tribal Chief” if he wants to survive his remaining commitments.

“Ladies and gentlemen, my name… No, my name is not ‘booo,’ my name is Paul Heyman,” Paul Heyman told the Sacramento crowd. “Tonight, a rare opportunity, I don’t have to do this into my phone, I get to do this proclamation live broadcast around the world, here, from SmackDown, in this h*ll hole known as Sacramento, California. We acknowledge our Tribal Chief, and so do each and every single one of you. Why? Why do we acknowledge our Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns? Because it is in his name that last week, the second greatest of all time, John Cena, took a beating at the hands of the Bloodline that John Cena hasn’t taken in at least almost a decade. Ladies and gentlemen, I call your attention to the Bloodline’s version of the Zapruder film.”

After playing a long video recapping everything that happened on the previous edition of SmackDown, Heyman cut back in, clearly pleased with what he and his boys put on film.

“Not that I want to get involved with John Cena’s business, but a little birdie backstage told me that John Cena’s having some transportation issues this evening, and while he’s fully expected to make it here this evening, you can’t see John Cena, because as of this moment, John Cena is not here at SmackDown. You know who else isn’t here at SmackDown? AJ Styles. You know why AJ Styles isn’t here at SmackDown? Cuz he’s lying in a hospital bed, sitting there, watching us this evening and…”

Despite Heyman's hesitancy, Jey Uso took the mic and got in on the fun too, letting Cena and Styles know exactly how he feels.

“Sacramento, the Bloodline is now in your city. Wise Man, you are too kind. You are too kind. The real reason John Cena’s not here tonight is because he’s scared. Scared of me, Jim Uso! John, he’s smart, you stay far, far away from the Bloodline. Cuz if not, we’re gonna take care of you just like we did the Phenomenal One, the one that built the house, the place, the face-“

Unfortunately, as is often the case in the WWE Universe, Uso was cut off by the one-two punch of Karl Anderson and later Mia Yim, who wanted to avenge the honor of their fallen leader ahead of John Cena's eventual debut later in the show. While this attack sent The Bloodline on a bit of a rampage, beating up on Ashante “Thee” Adonis without Top Dolla to protect him, in the end, the faction, just like the remainder of the WWE Universe, would have to wait to see what Cena had planned for the end of the show.

John Cena lands a very over partner for Fastlane.

After rushing to the venue to finally address The Bloodline head-on, John Cena took the ring in Sacramento to let Jimmy Uso and the company know that he is not backing down any time soon.

“Sacramento, I know you hear me out there, and I hear you because last week, I said I came back to compete and I want a match. The Bloodline didn't take too kindly to that no, because last week, they left me laid out. But they also left me with this; this is what I asked for, a signed contract versus The Bloodline at Fastlane,” John Cena told the crowd. “Yeah, lukewarm, I know cause you know there's a big problem with this; I don't have a partner. So tonight, tonight is very important, now I have a choice; I can rip up this contract and act like none of this ever happened, or I can stand and fight. Sacremento, what choice do you think the man who wears the words ‘never give up' over his heart is gonna make? You are d*mn right; I am here tonight to say I will honor this contract, and if I don't find a partner by Fastlane, h*ll, I will fight The Bloodline myself in a two-on-one handicap match.”

Clearly intrigued by the prospects of a two-on-one match, Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa marched down to the ring to give Cena a piece of what they have planned for Fastlane.

“Well look who finally showed up. John, you out here talking about Fastlane man; did you not see what Solo and I did in the back to everybody?”  “Sending a message to everybody if you work with John Cena, you gonna get got by The Bloodline, aight? So John? You're. No. Making it. To Fastlane.”

After mixing it up to the best of his abilities, Cena was overwhelmed by his opponents, and it looked like he might not make it to Fastlane after all, but with a single musical hit, everything changed, as none other than LA Knight marched down to the ring, evened the odds, and ultimately signed his name on the dotted line, making himself the new tag team partner of “The Face That Runs the Place” in Indiana. Though the results may not be too surprising, the match should make up for it in a big way.