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WWE legend Ric Flair gets brutally honest on Seth Rollins’ fan attack

WWE, Seth Rollins, Ric Flair

Let’s just say that WWE legend Ric Flair was not a big fan of the way Seth Rollins reacted to being attacked by a fan. His issue came when the wrestler said he was ‘terrified.’

Ric Flair discussed the topic on his podcast. He was not happy with Seth Rollins saying he was ‘terrified.’ Rollins was tackled by a fan during an event, in a very violent moment.

“In all fairness, I could say a lot of cute things, but I’m not going to,” Flair said via WrestlingNews. Every time I say something, I have to involve other people and they have to endure the consequences, so I’m just going to say this. I’ve seen that happen, but I’ve never seen it where I recall the mark, the fan, clearly was getting the better of the individual.

My problem with Seth is if you’re a top guy in this business, and you know anything about the psychology of what the fans think and feel, which they really do, you never, ever, ever, get off an airplane in L.A.and say, ‘I was terrified.’ Terrified of what? Terrifying is being in an airplane crash. You were terrified or horrified by a wrestling fan? Come on man. What I would have done if I was Seth, which everybody should learn from this, is that even if the referees had him, I would have jumped back on him, even if I never got a shot at him. I know your answer is going to be, ‘Well, there’s lawsuits and all of that’. The WWE would have covered the lawsuit. Seth never would have got to him. If you’re a heel, you never admit defeat. You just don’t do it. Do you think I’ve ever beat anybody? No, but in the minds of most people, I didn’t lose because I kept lying about it even though it was a work. You never admit you got your a** kicked, much less being horrified or terrified. Please.”

“You got to be tough to be in this business, period. Even today. These kids are tough. I’ll can tell you right now and I can’t help but bring her in, [Charlotte] can kick anybody’s ass…second generation kids are taught to be tough. Roman Reigns, The Usos. I’m such fan of kids that had to really be tough and just survive in life. If you’ve been a real athlete and really competed at a tough level you’re tough. You’re mentally tough, you’re physically tough and you’re honed and trained – if that same thing happened to Ashley hypothetically, I don’t know if the guy could have taken Ashley down. She’s tough.”

The WWE legend brought up some good points and gave everyone something to think about. In WRASSLIN’ you never break kayfabe. Never!