Matt Riddle finds himself in an interesting place in the WWE Universe at the moment.

On one hand, he's still feuding with Gunther, the leader of an Imperium faction that has consistently gotten his goat over the past few months, but now he has Drew McIntyre by his side, and after a few months away, the “Scottish Warrior” is out for blood against his fellow European standout.

So, all things considered, that's a pretty 50-50 day for the “Original Bro,” right? Well, as it turns out, the answer to that question is a resounding yes, as those are the exact words Riddle used in his appearance on RAW TALK with Byron Saxton.

“Yeah, Byron, it's definitely far from over, and tonight was like a 50-50,” Matt Riddle said. “Drew got the win, I got Power Bombed, then Drew Power Bombed Gunther through a table, and I got to watch it. It was pretty sweet. So I think things are going pretty good, and I was in Mexico, and I bought these new jeans, which are pretty sweet. And like I said, a 50-50 night, bro.”

When McIntyre and Riddle initially linked up, it was sort of a head-scratcher. Sure, both like to party, but the former is more of a “slinging back pints with the boys” kind of guy, whereas Riddle is the type of dog that likes to sit, roll, and stay, if you know what I mean. And yet, the duo have seemingly found a way to work together and look like the closest thing the WWE Universe has seen to a Gunther buster since he defeated Ricochet to become the Intercontinental Champion last summer. All in all, a pretty interesting night, bro.