Ever since MJF and Adam Cole started cutting video packages like they were working for Paul “Triple H” Levesque in prime-era NXT, a small but passionate subset of the AEW audience have been begun to compare their work to that of Roman Reigns, The Usos, Solo Sikoa, and Paul Heyman, aka The Bloodline.

Now granted, the actual substance of the two acts and their tendencies to show fans what they have between the ropes is very, very, very different, as, despite being emotionally deep at times, Cole and MJF have thus far spent most of their time in the honeymoon phase of their relationship, without the sort of familial drama that has seen more than a few folks compare The Bloodline to shows like Succession or The Sopranos, but committing to that time together outside of the ring is something new for AEW and even to WWE outside of a few select examples.

Discussing this comparison in a special interview with Wrestle Purists ahead of WrestleDream, MJF noted that he gets the comparison but believes fans are coming at it from the wrong angle.

“Oh, man, I don't think it's similar at all. I'll tell you what it is. Again, this goes back to an issue that was inside of my sport. It was a while until we had something that made us feel something, and The Bloodline made us feel something,” MJF said via Fightful.

“Before The Bloodline, it was just like, ‘I'm tuning into WWE. There's s**t going on, I guess,' it was just very scattered. It was just scattered. That's the only way to describe it. Then, Bloodline came along, and it made you feel, and now here's MJF and Adam Cole, and, ‘Oh, my God. I'm feeling something right now. I intensely care about this. That reminds me of the feeling I have when I watch The Bloodline. Maybe it's the same thing.' Which is insane, right? Like, if I watch a SAW movie, and I love it, and then the next day I sit down, and I watch f**king Goodwill Hunting, those movies both get me excited. It doesn't mean that it doesn't mean that they're doing the same thing.”

Is MJF right? In a word, yes; just because fans are feeling something from his story with The Bloodline doesn't mean it's a copy of The Bloodline, only that both angles are “correctly” affecting the audience. If, however, Cole and MJF start to go south, maybe then fans will start to see the betrayal and backstabbing that makes movies like The Godfather so great.

Matt Hardy celebrates the pairing between Adam Cole and MJF.

Speaking of Adam Cole and MJF, the tag team and best “brochachos,” Matt Hardy weighed in on just how swiftly the duo have been able to work together and why, at this stage in the game, it's a legit home run for both performers.

“I am a huge, massive proponent of Adam Cole as you know and as most people know,” Matt Hardy said via Fightful. “I caught him at a very interesting time, I was going through the second stage of my career, and I was really fortunate to be able to work with him, and he made me feel good and confident about what I was doing at the time, as I was kind of changing up the way that I worked. He actually kind of said the same, I was the first big name that he had a legit program with, and he said that I was helping as well. I think we were a mutual admiration society, which was great. Huge fan of Adam Cole.”

Turning his attention to Cole's recent injury, which could keep him out of action indefinitely, Hardy lamented the loss, as he, like everyone else, was loving the act.

“Just when I saw him after getting injured on TV, it was heartbreaking to see how badly he was injured,” Cole said. “Broken bones in his foot, torn ligaments, torn tendons. He’s got a big surgery coming up, and he’s going to be down and out for a while. Once of the worst things about it is that he was in one of the hottest angles in wrestling. Him and MJF, they’ve just been television gold, and it sucks that he gets hurt at this time. Just knowing the creative process between those two, I’m sure they’ll make the most out of this.”

Will Cole and MJF be able to overcome the odds and keep their act together if Cole isn't able to walk for the rest of the year? Only time will tell, but based on how things have shaken out thus far with only a handful of matches between the duo, it's safe to say if the cans keep buying the merch and watching the segments online, Tony Khan will find a way to keep churning them out.