After making their triumphant return to the WWE Universe in an incredible way, beating up on the Viking Raiders after six months away from the ring, the New Day was back and as rocking as ever.

Securing a fun five-minute win in their RAW return, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods took the afterparty to the back, where they were greeted by Jackie Redmond, who has become one of the Red Brand's backstage correspondent alongside Byron Saxton since the duo were away.

Greeting their new coworker, Redmond didn't get a chance to ask about how it felt to be back, as Woods and Kingston did her job for her.

“You don’t even have to ask,” Xavier Woods told Jackie Redmond. “We know what you’re gonna say: ‘How does it feel to be back?’”

“It feels good! Now did the Viking Raiders say that they were gonna make a sacrifice for the gods?” Kofi Kingston added. “What? But did they forget that we are the gods of this tag team division baby?”

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“Cause of course, since you work here, you’ve seen what’s going on with The Street Profits now, and The Usos breaking up, what is that?” Woods noted. “We need to inject some positivity back into this place, so we came back to do exactly what we do best, and that is become your new – you can dance with us on this – W, W, E, World, Tag, Team, Champions.”

“Do you know why, Miss Jackie?” Kingston asked. “Because, New Day Rocks.”

While New Day isn't totally back back, as Big E unfortunately hasn't been cleared to wrestle and may ultimately never be, it's nice to see the name and faction back in business, especially now that the tag team division has a few teams on the shelf like Pretty Deadly and maybe even the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

The New Day double-down on their Viking Raider trash-talking.

As if their appearance on the show wasn't enough, New Day turned the party into an afterparty and kept the energy up for a second round with Jackie Redmond on RAW TALK, a show Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods have frequented over the years.

Afforded an expanded opportunity to discuss his spot as the gods of the WWE tag team division, New Day compared their WWE return to riding a bicycle; a Bicycle Built for Two.

“It's like I said before, Jackie, it feels good to be back, you know?” Kingston asked. “I mean, we enjoyed the time at home with family and everything but it's time to come back to work and that's what you saw us do. We out there working bro, it's just like riding a bike, man, you know what I'm saying? Kofi asked. Bicycle Built for two, you know that song? Do you have that song in Canada? The bycicle built for, do you know the lyrics?”

“No? Come one. Well obviously tonight was very special to us cause we've been gone for a little while. But like I said before, when you interviewed us earlier, the tag team division is in shambles,” Woods added. “And what happened when it was in shambles last time? We appeared out of nowhere, by the grace of the heavens of the gods of Mount Olympus; New Day appeared completely different, completely original. And we flipped the tag team division upside down, and we made people love this. Give them something to bite their teeth into… but we're back and we're back in order to reclaim those championships because they belong to us. Honestly, look around on the roster, we got great teams we got some great but we are the best team to ever do this and that is not subjective. Objective means it is facts.”

“I said it before, the Viking Raiders, when they're out there praying to the gods, that's us. We the gods of the tag team division,” Kingston declared. “So we heard them talking, when you say the gods' names, they come down from Mount Olympus and they say, you rang? And if you ain't got nothing good to say, you're gonna learn a real hard lesson, you know what I'm saying? Zeus be doing that. Zeus be doing that.”

What does the future hold for the New Day? Will they become tag team champions once more, bringing their total to 13? Or does WWE have something else in mind for the fun-loving, pancake-eating, Booty-Os-selling faction? Fans will have to keep tuning in to find out.