Becky Lynch really wanted to succeed as a heel in WWE. She changed up her hairstyle, raided Seth Rollins' closet for all sorts of strange, angular, heelish costumes that would make David Bowie blush, and even talked down the crowd from time to time, but in the end, putting new Becky against Sasha Banks never really worked because she's just so gosh darn likable.

A babyface at best and a no-nonsense tweener who talks down authority, not the fans, at her worst, Lynch went from “The Lass Kicker” to the face of WWE in very short order due to her strong in-ring efforts and even better efforts on the mic, and through it all, she went from one of The Four Horsewomen to the face of WWE.

So naturally, with Lynch back and, more importantly, back as a babyface, continuing to use the “Big Time Becks” moniker just sort of felt wrong, especially since it never really connected with the fans. No, if babyface Becky is back, then so too needed to be her moniker; WWE needed The Man.

Fortunately, on the second edition of RAW following Survivor Series, Lynch officially gave the people what they wanted by bringing back “The Man” with a giant graphic displayed on the Titantron and the duo of Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick sealing the deal on commentary before her three-way match with Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross in the show's main event. Though Lynch ultimately didn't win the match, getting the gimmick she made famous back is a wonderful consolation.