The WWE Universe has long been waiting for the return of lovable big guy Big E (real name: Ettore Ewen) to the wrestling ring. The New Day member has been out of commission since March of this year after a botched suplex from Ridge Holland. Ever since that terrifying injury, fans have been speculating about when he could return.

However, there's a distinct possibility that Big E may never step foot in the WWE again… or in any other promotion. Neck injuries are no joke, and Ewen's injury was potentially life-threatening. Had it gone any other way, Big E could've ended up paralyzed… or worse. Ultimately, doctors could decide that the risk of further injury is too great and say that he should never wrestle again.

How does Big E feel about the possibility of never returning from his injury? Well, in an interview with TMZ, the WWE star said that he was “at peace” if he never wrestled again. Here's his reasoning why: