When news broke that Drew McIntyre was booked for a match with Sheamus to decide who would get first dibs against the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Clash at the Castle, it felt weird.

Why line up another contender for a pair of belts that are already being wrestled for at SummerSlam? Why do so now, in early July, when the match isn't going to take place until September? And why have McIntyre go against Sheamus? Sure, they are both from Europe – England, and Ireland respectively – but does that mean they are any more worthy of the match than, say, Riddle, who also lost in the Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match?

Well fear not WWE fans, for a contender was not yet decided because the match did not happen. That's right, one month after watching McIntyre and Sheamus earn double disqualifications in a qualifying match for Money in the Bank, McIntyre had to wrestle Butch in a match that was supposed to both feature Sheamus and be for a spot in the Clash at the Castle main event.

*sigh* why does WWE have to do this?

On paper, extending a feud between McIntyre and Sheamus isn't the worst thing imaginable; the duo have been feuding for years and will continue to feud for years to come but why not just have the duo wrestle each other with a spot in the Clash at the Castle main event as the final prize? Why even bring up CatC now, with SummerSlam still almost a month away? Make it make sense people – make it make sense.