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Liv Morgan is the WWE’s Universe’s new Ms. Money in the Bank

WWE, Liv Morgan, Money in the Bank, Becky Lynch

When seven members of the WWE Universe get in a ring together with about a dozen ladders littered around the squared circle, the results can be chaotic.

Why? Well, because ladders, like children and animals, are notoriously hard to work with, especially when they are on camera in front of a large audience. And yet, for the most part, the seven women who earned a spot in the 2022 edition of the WWE Women’s Money in the Bank worked incredibly well together, even if there were a few spots – many of which featured Shotzi – that looked incredibly painful, and likely were.

The match started off normally enough, with the seven combatants making their way down to the ring in varying degrees of special match attire before they (almost) all slid out of the ring to pursue their favorite height-extending tool from the home improvement store. Pre-existing feuds were all coming into play early on, with Shotzi squaring off with Raquel Gonzalez, Becky Lynch going at Asuka, and the trio of Liv Morgan, Alexa Bliss, and Lacey Evans fight like all heck outside of the ring.

Over the course of the match, which lasted roughly 16 minutes, we saw Lynch big boss slam Asuka off one ladder onto another, Morgan pulled off a seriously brutal-looking powerbomb on Evans that was slightly botched but still looked cool, and Gonzalez showed off her strength by suplexing two of her foes – Lynch and Morgan – onto a ladder.

And in the end, it was “Big Time Becks” who pulled out the win, as she climbed up the ladder, kicked Morgan out of the ring and then pulled down the… wait that isn’t what happened. No, while almost all of that did happen, Liv used the ring ropes to slingshot herself back into the ring and with a swift boot, took out Lynch and won it all.

Will Liv Morgan cash in her Money in the Bank briefcase to earn her first championship in WWE, or will she become the first woman in MitB history to come up empty on her cash-in attempt? Fans the world over look forward to finding out.