To quote Cody Rhodes' entrance music: “Wrestling has more than one royal family.” The WWE (and the pro wrestling scene in general) is filled to the brim with families built by wrestling. From the Ortons to the Rhodes to the McMahons and the Flairs, there have been many families that rose to prominence in the company.

Perhaps no other wrestling family has reached the level the Johnsons have attained. Fans are most familiar with the iconic Brahma Bull, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. What some may not realize, though, is that he is a third-generation wrestler. His father Rocky Johnson and grandfather Peter Maivia all were prominent faces in the industry.

Now, another Johnson is set to take center stage in the WWE world. Dwayne Johnson's daughter Simone (a.k.a Ava Raine) has long been rumored to join the company. On Saturday, fans in attendance during a live show noted that Raine cut her first promo in front of a live audience. (via Jay Reddick)

It's only a matter of time until we see Ava Raine step foot in WWE (most likely as part of NXT 2.0). When she does appear on live TV, she will officially be the first fourth-generation wrestler in company history. It speaks volumes to the talent and dedication of that family to their craft.

The Johnsons' wrestling roots aren't limited to their immediate family members. Roman Reigns and Jimmy and Jey Uso are related to The Rock. In fact, WWE is looking to set up a match between the two cousins in the near-future.