Rey Mysterio is having a tough time in the WWE Universe. His friendship with Edge has hit a snag since his son, Dominik Mysterio, turned on the “Rated R Superstar” at Clash at the Castle, his goings on are constantly being messed with by Judgement Day, and his home life can’t be all that great either, what with his son leaving the family for Finn Balor, Rhea Ripley, and company.

So naturally, when Mysterio found himself booked in a tag match with A.J. Styles versus Balor and Damian Priest, he had a lot more than tag team rules on his mind when the bell rang, especially when his son cut a brutal promo on him before the match.

As the crowd chanted, “Who’s your Daddy?” Dominik took the mic and went on to break his father’s heart.

“I’ll tell you who my daddy is, and it’s not Rey Mysterio,” he responded, but ultimately never did. “Jefe, I hate you. I hate you so much. You lied to me my entire life. And I have a new family now, thanks to the Judgement Day.”

Goodness gracious, how do you wrestle a match after that? How do you pick your spots, execute flawlessly, and help your partner out of a problem when your entire world is shattered, let alone when your son blocks the path to the ring for a tag by dropping on his knees and begging you to hit him? Don’t ask the elder Mysterio, as he doesn’t know. No, Rey’s team lost the match because of his lack of focus, and when he went to the back after the loss but before Styles’ in-ring beatdown, he caught up with Sarah Schreiber to discuss what went wrong.

Rey Mysterio can’t get WWE’s Judgement Day off of his mind.

When asked if he and A.J. Styles were on the same page during their tag team match against Judgement Day’s Finn Balor and Damian Priest on RAW, what his son Dominik said before the match, and how he acted during the match by Schreiber, Rey Mysterio gave a troubling response.

“I do feel that A.J. and I were on the right page going out, because we were rocking and rolling, and at some point, Rhea, stuck her foot in the match, which led to Dominik stepping in, and I just completely went blank,” Mysterio replied. “I didn’t listen to my partner, he needed me there, and nobody was there for him to give the tag to, so… I’ve been going through so much these past couple weeks, that, it’s very hard to accept. Very hard to accept. For my son to say that he hates me when he’s been with Judgment Day for the past couple months and I’ve been with him for the past 25 years? How can he even compare that? That word doesn’t even belong in his vocabulary, and that hurts, very much. Sorry.”

Who knows, maybe Edge’s match versus Finn Balor will finally rid the WWE Universe of Judgement Day once and for all. It’s an I Quit match, which doesn’t necessarily mean the loser will have to quit their faction, the RAW brand, or WWE as a whole, but if Edge can pull out the win, maybe the embarrassment of having to say the magic words on camera will be enough to split the group up forever. If that happens, maybe Mysterio’s family will go back to normal, but unfortunately, things will likely get worse before they get better.