After working a segment with Kevin Owens that inched the duo closer together and then securing a decisive win over Baron Corbin in his first match since the 2023 WWE Elimination Chamber, Sami Zayn still somehow had a lot to say. Fortunately, Cathy Kelley was hanging out in the back looking for segments on RAW Talk and decided to give Zayn a spin on the mic.

Afforded a chance to discuss how he's feeling at the moment, Zayn let it be known that the last week has been an absolute whirlwind, but he's slowly working his way through it.

“Boy, you really hit it on the head there,” Zayn said. “Yeah, emotional roller coaster. You know, as I said out there, a lot of gratitude, the love that they showed me in Montreal and Ottawa, and again just harboring, I know maybe it’s unfounded, people tell me ‘no no, don’t do that to yourself,’ but I do, I do feel guilt, I feel a little bit of embarrassment, a little bit of shame that I couldn’t… you know, I couldn’t get it done.”

“But, you know, I also take a lot of pride in the fact that a year ago, nobody would have ever given me a chance in the world of even being in this match, but the truth is I went the distance with the most dominant champion of all time. I had him beat, and the only reason he was able to beat me is because, well, he cheated. That’s what The Bloodline do, they cheat to ensure- trust me, I know, okay? Trust me, I know, and he got it done, but, you know, I don’t know. I just have to focus on the fact that it’s not the end, you know? I kept putting it in my head that this has to be how I finish the story and, this has to be it. All these ten months and all these stars aligning in Montreal, this has to be the way it ends, but it never ends. For me, it’s not the end. And so, I don’t know. I just think the fact that I, when I started looking at it, that this is not the end, and this is not a failure and it’s not where the story finishes, you know, it makes me feel better. I don’t know.”

Though it's understandable that Zayn still feels the need to apologize for losing on the biggest stage of his professional career, Elimination Chamber was just two days earlier, after all, at least now he has a clear plan moving forward, even if his potential partner still needs some convincing.

Sami Zayn explains his attempt to re-friend Kevin Owens.

Turning his attention to the here and now, Zayn was asked by Kelley about why he reached out to Kevin Owens on RAW following their very interesting in-ring interaction at the Elimination Chamber. Though Zayn didn't want to call it extending the olive branch per se, he did acknowledge their shared interest moving forward.

“I don’t know if I would call it, you know, extending the olive branch if I’m being honest,” Zayn said. “Cuz there’s hurt feelings, definitely on his side, and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t complicated on my side. I just, I recognize the situation here. Look, for better or for worse, we’ve needed each other our whole careers, to lift each other up even when we were on the opposite sides of the fence, we always brought out the best in each other, we always were able to accomplish things because of the other’s existence, and if he’s as dedicated as I am to making sure that we see the end of The Bloodline, I know, I know the only way to get it done is together. It doesn’t seem like he wants to go there, so I don’t know. I don’t know. This is an unfinished story, like you said.”

With his interview finished, Zayn stayed for a moment to thank Cathy and the WWE Universe personally for the kindness they've shown him despite being “not the best guy.”

“Thank you Cathy. And really, thank you to everybody, cuz you know, I haven’t been the best guy these last few years, and… I’m getting weirdly emotional… I don’t want to uh… it means a lot that you’ve showed me this love after the past few years when I haven’t always been at my best, and we say it a lot in this business, but I really… it does mean, it means a lot. Thank you.”

Though Zayn never truly turned heel in WWE, despite working for the biggest heel faction in the promotion, he did go along with some of The Bloodline's bad behavior, including invading RAW on multiple occasions. If this is the new Zayn, fans should be into it.