When Seth Rollins isn't doing damage on WWE as the current United States Champion, he's watching the NFL, where he's one of the more notable fans of the Chicago Bears.

In 2022, being a Bears fan might be more challenging than being the United States Champion.

Bogged down in a three-game losing streak with a 2-4 record overall, the Bears aren't exactly lighting the football world on fire with their on-field product, and this has created a weekly tradition where Rollins tweets something to the effect of “I hate football” after suffering through yet another disappointment with no true light at the end of the tunnel.

Is Justin Fields a true franchise quarterback? No one really knows; not with how the Bears are playing under rookie head coach Matt Ebrlfus anyway. Will the team trade away veterans like Robert Quinn? Most likely, yes, assuming some team comes correct with a right-proper offer. But in Week 7, at least, Bears fans can breathe a sigh of relief, as they were able to overcome a strong comeback attempt by Bailey Zappe to secure a 33-14 win over the New England Patriots.

This, understandably, drew a text from Rollins, who missed much of the game due to his being on Monday Night RAW, but that, apparently, wasn't enough to keep the US Champ from congratulating his boys on a job well done.

“I hate Ali, but I love football” Rollins tweeted out to his legions of supporters, many of whom clearly aren't fans of football based on the comments section.

Does Rollins have a rightful claim to hate Ali? You bet; the former leader of Retribution has been on the hunt for the US Championship for some time now and actually attacked Rollins for absolutely no reason after his match with Austin Theory. Even if he isn't the grand program that pushes Rollins deep into the future, that's still probably Cody Rhodes, it's clear Ali is going to be a thorn in his side for some time.

Fortunately, it would appear Theory isn't the biggest fan of Ali now either, as he detailed to Cathy Kelley on Raw Talk.

Austin Theory doesn't have much love for WWE's Mustafa Ali.

When asked by Kelley how it felt to get a win over Ali after he called him a “Crybaby,” Theory tried to play it cool.

“Well, let’s think about it,” Theory said. “I was the youngest United States champion in all of WWE history, and now I am the youngest Mr. Money in the Bank. But you know what happened tonight? Mustafa Ali went out there and took me like a lightweight. He focused on Seth Rollins, he was focused on a US title shot that he doesn’t even have. But you know who was the US Champion? Me. You know who is Mr. Money in the Bank? Me. And you know who’s a crybaby? Mustafa Ali. And you know where I’m going? Straight to the top where I belong. Why is that, Cathy? Because I can do this all day. And what’s next? Me becoming the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. A-Town Down.”

Goodness, that certainly sounds like someone who definitely isn't over losing his belt at SummerSlam, let alone having a string of bad luck that included not one but two failed Money in the Bank cash-ins. Huh, that might be a first in the WWE Universe, too, Theory.