WWE star, Queen Zelina is someone that understands the pro wrestling business very well. Sometimes you have to be willing to play the heel in order to get a bigger response from the fans.

Queen Zelina recently spoke to the Cheap Heat podcast with host Peter Rosenberg about a variety of topics in WWE and running heel. She feels that her recent run as Queen has helped revive her career.

“I feel like this is the shot that I’ve been waiting for and this is the thing that I need to go, ‘Okay, you’ve been wanting for something for so long,” the WWE star said. “This is the time to show them and prove them right. They gave you this opportunity. Prove them right.’ You know, and I always say give me the ball. If I drop it, screw me, but if you don’t do it, then you won’t know. I just feel like now more than ever, I have a fire under my ass like I’ve never had before.”

The WWE star has been quite the response from fans as a heel. Queen Zelina is just happy she's able to continue doing what she loves at a high level.

“You kind of have to put things in perspective because yes, some people think it’s just a prop and I’ve never thought of it that way,” the WWE star said. “Why? Because I grew up a wrestling fan and I remember crying when I saw Lita won it and you have those emotions tied to it. So, when I won the title, I remember seeing this video, I’m like — I saw this video of this girl and she’ll probably like, if she sees this, she’ll probably be like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe she’s talking about my video. I hate her so much.’ But it’s of her literally weeping [when we won] the tag titles away from Nikki [A.S.H.] and Rhea [Ripley] because she loved Nikki and Rhea so much that she couldn’t believe that me and Carmella took it from them.

“We’re prancing around, jumping around the way we were, and she was so angry,” the WWE star continued. “You just saw it in her face and she was recording herself for some reason and just put it on Twitter and she was just screaming and weeping and screaming, ‘No! I can’t believe that she did this.’ I’m like, ‘Okay, whether that was a good response or a bad response, it was a response. An emotional response that we got from you.’ That’s what this is all about and if I can pull that emotion from you, I’m doing my job.”