New York Yankees star Aaron Judge just beat Shohei Ohtani to win the AL MVP award, sparking several positive and hilarious reactions from MLB Twitter.

Judge got 28 of 30 first-place votes to bag the MVP trophy, leaving Ohtani in the dust after the Los Angeles Angels pitcher won the award unanimously in 2021. The Yankees slugger definitely deserved the recognition, though, especially in a season when he broke Roger Maris' single-season record for most AL home runs with 62.

After Judge's victory was announced, a lot of people just can't help but poke fun at those who thought Ohtani is going to go back-to-back MVPs. One fan said, “Respectfully to everyone who said Ohtani should win MVP, you were not only wrong, but he didn’t win MVP. The rightful winner of the 2022 AL MVP is Aaron Judge, go cry about it on your generic podcasts or Twitter accounts.”

Another fan posted the “Pretending to be Happy” meme and captioned it with, “Ohtani Fans right now. Aaron Judge’s monster season wasn’t gonna be ignored. MVP!”

Ben Verlander, a staunch supporter of Shohei Ohtani, was trolled heavily for his stance as well. Nonetheless, the media personality made sure to give credit to Aaron Judge and admitted he deserves the win.

“Congratulations to the 2022 American League MVP Aaron Judge! Incredible season and if EVER there was a season to beat what Shohei Ohtani is doing. It had to be what Judge just did. Well deserved. Congratulations!” Verlander wrote on Twitter.

For what it's worth, some people still took issue that Judge didn't win unanimously. Two voters gave the first-place nod to Ohtani, which infuriated more than a few fans.

“The fact that 2 people didn’t vote Aaron Judge AL MVP is absurd. If Ohtani wasn’t on the Angels, they’d go from irrelevant to irrelevant. If Judge wasn’t on the Yankees, they would have been lucky to make the playoffs,” one commenter explained.

At the end of the day, while Judge didn't get the unanimous votes, he'll still be happy taking home the silverware for the first time in his career.