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3 moves the Chargers must make during the NFL offseason

The Los Angeles Chargers missed out on the playoffs during 2019 and the team could look a lot different as a result. Especially when considering how all signs are currently pointing towards Philip Rivers being gone.

No matter what happens this offseason with the quarterback position, that can’t be the only move the team this offseason. Let’s breakdown three moves the Chargers must make to improve their team.

3. Re-Sign Austin Ekeler

Austin Ekeler is a restricted free agent this offseason and the team needs to do everything in their power to bring him back next season. Ekeler has steadily improved since coming into the league, and he has proven he can be a true number back for the team. During the 2019 season, he recorded 132 carries for 557 yards and three touchdowns. He also caught 92 passes for 993 yards and eight touchdowns.

Unlike Melvin Gordon, he hasn’t made a fuss and by all accounts has been a great teammate. Bringing back Gordon would be nice also, but both of these guys are going to get nice contracts, and locking up a lot of money in a running back can be very risky.

If push comes to shove and they can only keep one, Ekeler needs to be the guy that is with the Chargers next season.

2. Need to sign or draft a big-name player

This might seem a bit vague, but the team needs to sign someone who can put fans in the seats. Since coming to Los Angeles the team hasn’t had much of a fan base that attends games. Most home games feel like a road game for the Chargers, that’s how many fans are in the stands for the opposing team.

The Chargers need to sign a player like Tom Brady or trade up in the draft for someone like Tua Tagovailoa. The buzz has died down around the franchise and the front office needs to change that this offseason.

1. Re-Sign Joey Bosa

Joey Bosa is still under contract with the Chargers for one more season, but the team needs to make the contract extension happen as soon as possible.

If Bosa to hit free agency he would have other teams lining up at the door, and the longer they wait the more expensive he is going to be. He is one of the anchors on the defense and the team needs to make sure that he doesn’t even think about leaving.

If the team has any concern he may leave, trading him might be the best option.